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portrait of a hindu sadhu worship holy river narmada on heritage holy ghat of maheshwar in incredible india photography by nevil zaveri

Nevil Zaveri

I live in Navsari, a small town in southern Gujarat. I am Computer Science graduate making my living as a freelance photographer and teacher. I have inherited basic artistic sense from my family and enhanced it by studying many artists. I always had keen interest in photography, but not until few friends insisted me to teach, I took my  love for photography sincerely and also started mentoring photography courses, in depth.

Being attached to academic profession, I only gets opportunity to shoot while travelling during vacations. I always say “Travelling, my passion; Photography, my religion”. I love to keep my images simple n little beyond the obvious. I seek to have more questions rather than answers, in my images. Apart from light; I try to use time n space more efficiently, to make my images artistic and thought provoking.

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